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Drill through any metal with a CUB Broachcutter:

Broach cutter is a replacement for slower, less productive twist drills and Drill bits. If you want a faster, easier and more accurate metal drilling machine, continue reading this post.

CUB Broach cutter is a magnetic drilling machine with a single speed motor (350rpm) and a hole cutting capacity of 35mm and 50mm depth. It is not advisable to use conventional or radial drilling machines because these have high RPM which causes metal breakage. Magnetic drilling machines are slower and are ideally manufactured for this purpose.

CUB Broach cutter comes with a maintenance free rail guide travel system that puts an end to the necessity for proper positioning and alignment. It weighs only 10 kgs and is ultra-lightweight. Due to its unique arrangement, making holes at difficult angles is made easy.

  •         Compact
  •         User-friendly
  •         Easy to use
  •         Safe
  •         Maintenance free
  •         Time saving

The magnetic drilling machine’s compact design enables it to be used very close to vertical surfaces. Magnetic field shape control (MFSC) provides high holding power on thin metal allowing the magnet to be designed flatten in size.

Magnetic power adhesion control (MPAC) detects the additional force of electromagnetic base and has not allowed drill motor to start if found insufficient and is clamped on plates thinner than 6mm or plates having uneven rusty surface. Its inbuilt motor overload protection system improves machine and cutter life and prevents damage to them.

Unlike other drilling machines, Broach cutter machine is a one-shot drilling machine. i.e., it doesn’t require pre-drilling or step-drilling operations to be carried out for making bigger holes.

Drilling made easy with TCT cutter:

Tungsten carbide tipped hole cutter is intended to cut a variety of materials from mild steel to cast iron. It is specially optimized to use it with magnetic drilling machines. TCT cutter is made from micro-grain carbide powder tips and the tungsten carbide is a very solid material that man has ever invented. This gives TCT cutters a super strong structure providing longer service life.

  •         More reliable
  •         Easy to use
  •         Higher quality of holes
  •         Lower cost

    TCT1         tct cutter1

TCT cutter is a great tool that doesn’t struggle to drill. It can’t be used on bricks or boards but you can use them on all kinds of metals. The beauty of the TCT cutter is, it actually holds the surface with its teeth, giving a clean finish. TCT core drills are mainly used for drilling materials like structural steel, railway tracks, and cast iron.

  •         Recommended size range – 14mm – 150mm
  •         Cutting depths – 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”
  •         Ideal for mild steel, steel, cast iron and some stainless steel

TCT cutters give a perfectly smooth finish. It comes with a special coating on it, generally TIN coating. This makes the cutter more tough and high heat resistant. It is optimized for high speed and high feed rate to create simply better drilling. It is highly recommended for

  •         Steel
  •         Fine grain steel
  •         Stainless steel
  •         Inox
  •         Hardox

Traditional cutters are always time consuming and inefficient. TCT cutters replace them by providing smoother, more precise holes in a fraction of the time. Drilling a 1 1/8” hole takes only 30 seconds. It is as simple as that. TCT cutters are designed in such a way that it cuts hard surfaces maintaining a clean sharp edge. Usually, stainless steel surfaces are very difficult to work with but with the help of TCT cutters, drilling is made easy. The carbide tips cut through stainless steel with an improved degree of control.

Tips to use TCT cutters:

  •         Drill at slower speeds to avoid breakage
  •         Keep cutter flat, do not rock
  •         When drilling stainless steel surfaces, use the cutting fluid as a lubricant to cool the cutter

Following these tips will improve the ability of a TCT cutter.

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